Staffing Solution for Small Business
About Us

We were a group of tenured recruiting professionals who realized that there must be a better way of assisting employers with their permanent and temporary hiring needs.

We saw that traditional staffing agencies and job-boards may have been effective in providing resumes to eager employers, but these resumes were, by their nature,
2-dimensional. It was clear that the conventional resume summarized a candidate’s skill-set but the same resume could not express anything about a candidate’s personality, presentation style, communication abilities, or the potential ‘fit’ within an organization. The answer was obvious; video-clip integration!

Our motivation was simple; we wanted to provide the best professional recruitment services at the most reasonable rates, while integrating a combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional recruiting methodology to expedite the hiring process.

Out of this desire, we developed our exclusive process that uses a combination of in-depth candidate interviews, video-capture technology, and secure web-based profiles. We dubbed this process the “Visual Advantage System”. This makes the hiring process easier, faster, less expensive and more effective than conventional employment agency techniques.

Since then we have grown rapidly, and we’ve placed thousands of candidates and we are continuing to grow! We work with both local and national employers across all industry sectors, and we have received incredible reviews from our clients and candidates who have embraced our methods.

They recognize how we have differentiated ourselves from traditional firms and we want to thank them for their ongoing support and loyalty!
Whether you are an employer or candidate, we look forward to having you discover the next evolution in recruiting.